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Fraud & Scam
Investigations & Asset Recovery

Fraud & Scam Investigations Services Portfolio

Scams and Fraud can be difficult to recognize, and to do everything right, you need personalized help from professionals. 


Protect your assets and your rights with expert investigator and legal help.


Our team specialities include, but not limited to, Scam check help, Fraud Investigations, Scam investigations, Investment Fraud Investigations, Crypto Fraud Investigations, Broker Fraud Investigations, Online Fraud Investigations, Romance Scam and more.

What makes us different from competition is success in investigations and asset recovery process, which goes up to 98%, depending on country and territories. 

What to do if you think you are scammed eg. victim of fraud? Contact Us immediatelly 

- Mark S., Investor, Venture Capital
“I was contacted by Swiss company to make investment in Crypto and Stocks, starting CHF 10K up to CHF 270K, but that was someone in Africa, thank you very much guys.”  
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