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 Scam and Fraud Check in Switzerland - About

Check if something might be a Scam or Fraud in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Order Due Diligence, Company Review or Address Investigation. You may also order an Asset Recovery Service or Surveillance Operation.

Neither the federal government nor the cantons have the authority to intervene against scams / frauds perpetrated exclusively in Switzerland. Anyone whose economic interests are threatened or damaged by these practices can lodge a complaint with the competent prosecuting authorities or bring a civil suit to the competent civil court judge.

You need to prepare the documentation and evidences to fight against the scams / fraudsters or your complaint will be put in suspension until new evidences come. Here you need us, to check the facts, to speed up the process and to prevent the possible suspension.


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Financial Services
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Wealth & Fund
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Oil & Gas
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Real Estate
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Do you think you are a Victim of Swiss Fraud?
Get your money back from Swiss Scam!

If you’ve been ripped off by scammers, get in touch and our team of experts will work to get your money back. We bring our expertise in complex payment disputes to the consumer’s side. Our team of experts reviews and builds your case in order to engage successfully with your bank and fraudsters bank. Presenting evidence the right way will determine the outcome of the case.

We work in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, EU and globally.  There are no borders for our investigation team.

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Fraud in Switzerland

20 000 ˂  Fraud Cases in Switzerland per year with a Loss of CHF 600M ˂

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